Freemantle Cruisers

After a very pleasant run down to Freemantle we arrived to great hospitality put on by the Freemantle Cruising Yacht Club.

I joined this great club for cruisers a month or so ago to give me an entree into other yacht clubs around Australia but in the process found a great bunch of people who really ‘get’ the cruising lifestyle. Under their care and hospitality we are now tied up to their jetty and as a part of my membership, have full use of their facilities… what a great way to start what I hope is a very long voyage.

But I digress…

As we left Hillarys our friends Sonya and Scott escorted us and took some pictures of Freespirit under sail. This was a thrill for all of us as Sonya and Scott used to own this boat and did so for 3 years before I bought her.

Their wish was to see this vessel being owned by someone who really wanted to sail her and for them to see their much loved boat once more out sailing free and heading for distant ports had special meaning for them. Thanks guys, love you both, can’t wait to see the pics.

Anotherfriend who has his boat at Hillarys too took this great photo above just as we were leaving the jetty area and passing by. Thanks Antony that was great, stay in touch mate.

To my other friends who have commented, thanks for your support I hope to bring you along with me as this oddyssy unfolds.

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  1. voni says:

    smooth sailing ,mates, hugs

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