Not as in Arrrgh! but as in Rest, Repairs and Route Planning.

Yesterday I did all three and it was a mixed bag. Am now fully rested and getting itchy feet for the continuation of my voyage though as I’m now flying solo there are a few things that I now need from the town of Bunbury before moving on.

The windlass has an electric motor which appears to have died. This I found during the repairs part of the day. Thinking initially that the problem was with the switch mechanism I pulled that apart and yes, there was some pitting of the contacts there. Cleaning these up and re-assembling however produced nil result and further investigation revealed the motor itself to be suspect. Bummer.

I’ll make a few calls today to see if I can get it fixed here however if that doesn’t work out I’ll get what I need to continue and pull up the anchor manually. The design of the windlass is such that a normal winch handle can be used to raise the anchor. No drama’s with a crew, though drifting while trying to pull up a long chain might prove a little hair raising when solo.

Weather is a little frustrating at the moment. It is consistently blowing from the direction I wish to go. The winds that are favourable are light, flukey and usually of short duration.

Short term plan when I leave here is to sail to Quindalup to rest and await favourable winds for rounding the first of the capes on my passage to Albany.


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2 Responses to RRR

  1. Rick says:

    You’re making good progress there Cap’n Col. Shame about the windlass and i agree with your comment about raising the anchor single handed. Prudence says get it fixed before you continue one up, but thats Prudence for you. lol

  2. voni says:

    stay loose, time is an illusion, hugs…v

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