Still in Bunbury on the hook and making my final preparations for the next phase.

Had a nice letter from blog.com this morning saying “Sorry we banned your blog, it was a computer error”. Also sent me an email asking for my opinion of their service….. this is all more than a fortnight after their software marked my blog as spam and dropped it like a hot potato. Too little too late mate.

This new development did however allow me to go back and grab my previous work and reproduce it here. I’ve done this under a new menu item up top called ‘Getting Dirty’. Those who have been following my work from the start will see the familiar previous posts up there, with a couple of new additions and photo’s.

For those who joined recently you will find back stories on my preparation work from time of purchase until departure date. From that date forward the normal blog entries apply.

Either way, the story is now all back together and now hopefully makes some kind of sense.

Yesterday I went to town and bought a few essentials, did some maintenance and further preparation work. I’ve decided to not try and fix the previously mentioned windlass motor here as I don’t want to be delayed any more than necessary and besides, as its going to be a complete teardown job to gain access to the motor, its hardly a job to be done while you are are actually using the anchor eh!

So, today I’ll hopefully finish my last minute preparations and be ready to sail either tonight or tomorrow depending on wind.

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1 Response to Update

  1. voni says:

    up, up and away…!!! bonne chance!

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