Leaving with the tide

Just checking in to say I’m leaving in the early morning for Quindalup.

Its about a 6 hour sail approximately S.E. of here and the weather looks ideal for this short hop.  Also the next morning its looking good to continue ’round the capes to Albany. This is it folks the start of the big one. Its a slippery dip of sorts in that there are no places to pull in for shelter once you start heading that way. The first decent port is Albany and with good winds I should make that in about 4-5 days.

I’ve used the time well here in Bunbury in servicing my winches, preparing my storm gear and attending to the 1001 little jobs that seem to multiply by themselves. I feel I’m ready now, so there is no time like the present. The weather pattern I’ve been looking for has finally shown up and with lady luck riding with me I should get reasonably good winds once I start. It can go pear shaped at any time of course so ‘wish me luck’.


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1 Response to Leaving with the tide

  1. voni says:

    i won’t wish you luck but i will wish you unshakable faith, and i’ll hold you up to the heavens in my mind till you reach your destination. v

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