Land Ho!!

Bunbury to Quindalup Thursday 15th November

Got away nice and early from Bunbury and was met with a pleasant 7 knot North North Westerly that slid us along for a couple of hours. Around 7.30 the wind dwindled down to 3 knots and we were as a limp fish in the water, happy to make even 1 knot forward speed, though that was looking rare.

Ho hum, not much else to do other than gaze at the sea and sky as the lazy wake as it leaves hardly a ripple behind us.

Managed to get the Genoa and Main Sail wing and wing for a while but there was just too little wind to keep them filled and drawing, so gave up and let them flop around as they wanted.

Around 10 am the wind finally swung around to a West North West direction and started to pick up. First 8 knots, then 9, 10 and even bobbed into the eleven. Freespirit picked up her skirts and boogied. It was almost a reach across the wind, the fastest point of sailing for most yachts and we were having a ball.

After lunch the wind picked up a knot or two and started to swing a little more towards the West. This made it a bit tighter to maintain our heading towards Quindalup, but it was still doable and very enjoyable.

With the sails drawing beautifully and a nice long wake behind us we finally started to see the land mass we were heading to. Land Ho!

We were still only about half way there when … what’s this! Large flashing shapes leaping out of the water and crashing back down to the accompaniment of splashes and foam. The pod of whales up ahead were having fun playing belly flops. Reached for the camera….. and they’re gone!

Within 4 Nautical Miles of Quindalup and at precisely 2pm the wind abruptly swung to the South West. Exactly the direction I wanted to go. So close!!

As the wind was now picking up into the 16 and 17 knot force I thought it prudent to motor the short distance remaining and find a good place to snug down for the night.

In water of pure Aquamarine I picked out a mooring and tied up to it. There are enough spare moorings in here to put the whole of the Japanese Navy in and still have some to spare. Very pretty place though I won’t bother putting the dinghy in the water as I hope to leave at first light tomorrow.

Wind still picking up outside but I’m snug and secure here for the night, looking forward to one of Greg’s special dinner treats he’d made for the journey. He’s quite the cook and I’m a little sad that he’s not here to enjoy the great day’s sail and his yummy Lamb Rogan Josh with me.

Bon Appetit

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6 Responses to Land Ho!!

  1. sonjamf says:

    Sounds like that was a magical sail and then to top it, the whales were thrown into the mix.
    I hope the next leg goes just as well

  2. freespirit52 says:

    You and me both Sonja! Great to have you along for the ride. I love this boat.

  3. Victor & Kristy says:

    Good to see things are going well, and with all your friends in cyberspace , we are never really alone. Beautiful blue skies!!

  4. freespirit52 says:

    Amen to all of that.

  5. Greg says:

    I’m sad too but loving the read. Glad you are enjoying my food. Can’t wait till you try the Thai Red Curry. Should get you to Albany in half the time 😛

  6. freespirit52 says:

    Hmmm, if the wind gets light I’ll hunt around and dig it out!

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