Rockin’ the South

Took time out after arriving to chill out and clean up. Good thing too as the mighty storm that hit the West coast earlier slammed in here late the next day with winds in the 40+ knot (70+ kph) range.
Unfortunately I am on the end of a jetty and rather exposed so Freespirit copped the brunt of the wild westerlies that swept down in front of the storm. I trussed her up with every line I had but still she ramped and kicked like a stallion in the rodeo starting gate.
Was a rough night and the following day and night showed nil improvement. Not much sleep with frequent line and chafe checks but at least I was in a safe harbour and with a bit of luck and good management would get through this one too.
As the storm progressed and the wind direction slowly turned South West the motion eased and some of the worry also. There is a big catamaran tied up on the opposite side of the jetty a bit further along and as the wind swung it now provides some shelter also.
Its Friday now and with the wind and storm abating its time to get out and buy some stores and supplies to fix up Freespirit once more. The list is starting to get long so an early start is advised!
For all of us who thought my motor woes were finally over I have further bad news. Though she ran like a clock for the passage into Albany, I checked the oil the other day and it had water in it. A mechanic took a look and suspects the big following chop and rough seas may have forced some water back in through the exhaust as the fresh water level in the heat exchanger is normal.
He recommended flushing with several changes of inexpensive oil to clear as much of the scummy water from the internals before putting the good oil back in. I’ll get onto that today.
The people here are very friendly and helpful in every way and I’m made to feel most welcome and despite the wild weather it still is a pretty nice place to be.


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  1. voni says:

    stay loose, no agenda

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