…. and now Motor!

Finally I am Motorable again!!

Got the call at 4.30pm on Friday that my injector pump was ready for collection in town. After picking it up and returning I carefully put it all back together forcing back fears of dread whilst doing so that it won’t start or has been ruined by salt water.

Around 8.45pm that evening she fired into life and then settled into a delightfully steady rhythm. I kept her ticking over for an hour just to see if it was going to be a permanent fix or not but I needn’t have worried as she ran perfectly the whole time. Switched off, pulled the drain plug and let it all the oil run out overnight. Putting fresh in it this morning with a new filter should go a long way to helping get rid of the contamination. Will run it again this morning too as I’m moving over to my new home (pen) where I’ll be able to access 240V power, water and be a little more protected. Looking forward to that.

The injector technician said the pump was in a real mess with broken springs, bad seals and some rust in there too. Its a wonder it ran at all. When I think of the wild dash I made into Albany through some very rough waves and wind I think I must have had some devine intervention to make it all the way in with the pump in that condition.  Dodged a bullet there!



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3 Responses to …. and now Motor!

  1. voni says:

    yes, the intervention was divine but don’t push your luck . cheers

  2. freespirit52 says:

    Its delightful when the Easterlies aren’t blowing hard. People are great and the town is friendly.

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