The Clock Is Ticking

With just a slim 6 days till my crew arrives its panic central on the to-do list.

Determined to shrink this self generating list I’m almost down to the “installing drink cup holders” item. IMG_0960
Yesterday it was the sail repair and apart from fixing my new friend John’s torn foresail I sewed a new sun strip onto my poor Genoa. You remember, back at Cape Naturaliste how it self destructed? I bought some new material from a local supplier (not the same colour but hey, the sail won’t mind). The sail itself is in great shape and I missed it in the light stuff coming from Quindalup to here.

Today I took a giant step forward in safety communications when my new Satellite phone arrived. No cudos to Star Trek who had it gathering dust in their warehouse when the consignment note stated specifically that the customer was to be contacted upon arrival and it was only my turning up at their depot that unearthed it… bloody hopeless! The opposite is true of Rob Martin from Client SAT who guided me through the whole process with consumate ease and followed up on every stage…. what a professional. Refreshing to find such great service in this day and age…. he is the Man!
IMG_0964I bought the Iridium Extreme satellite phone. The top end of the market and a phone so advanced it has its own SOS red button to call for rescue when/if the need arises.
Combine this with a WiFi access point and it is possible to download weather overlays compatible with my iNavX navigation software. Awesome!!
The phone and WiFi are charging right now but come tomorrow I’ll give it its first trial run… the ultimate geek tool!
Am really looking forward to putting out to sea again. A good reliable and experienced crew should make all the difference to enjoying the wild and wooly Southern Ocean. The journey is close enough to 1200 Nm (2,200 Klm, 1,300 Miles) of open ocean and during that time we will see no land at all. First landfall should be Portland in Victoria.

If the weather is good we may change that to Port Fairy but in all other conditions Portland is the ideal place to pull in whatever the weather may be doing.
Lots more to do yet so stay tuned.

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