The Plan From Here

IMG_1084 After more than a week in Port Lincoln I’m once again getting itchy feet.

This is a really unique place and I’m glad to have stopped here but the need to move is kicking in again. Once more I’ve met some really nice and friendly people who have made me welcome and therefore made it a really enjoyable stay.

One of the pains of Port Lincoln marina is its distance from town for visiting yachties. The marina itself is fully floating and still fairly new, however the distance from town is a killer walk or an expensive return taxi ride to do the necessary clothes washing, food shop plus bits and pieces shopping. The alternative is to use the anchorage off the town centre that is very close to everything, however I’m hearing its not safe to leave your dinghy on the beach whilst shopping or taking a shower at the yacht club facilities.

I’ve been fortunate in making friends with a few of the locals and they have helped enormously to overcome the tyranny of distance of living at the marina by running me into town to wash clothes and shop etc. Have also been invited to dinner on a few occasions and hardly a day goes past without having people, mostly other boat owners, drop by and have a chat. It’s that kind of place.

IMG_1088Last night I had a really enjoyable barbeque with John and Helen, a delightful couple who are hard core trailer sailer sailors looking to buy their first keelboat soon. They first noticed Freespirit back when it was advertised on Yacht Hub and being Jarkan fans John spotted her in the marina from the original photos, later stopping by to say hello. Turns out after he saw her the first time he and Helen found this humble blog on the net and read it all. When he turned up to say hello he already knew a lot about the boat and my voyage, which was kind of freaky as my usual spiel about what I am doing with new acquaintances suddenly became redundant. The other freaky thing was this interesting guy is also a Sargent with the South Australian Police based here in Port Lincoln. =8|

So far the weather here has been a mix of South Easterlies interrupted by short duration lows where the wind swings quickly through NE, N, NW and South West over the course of a day. Once more settling into the South Easterly for the next duration.
My plan is to catch the tail of the next low coming through on Thursday and try to make it to Kangaroo IMG_1091Island as it swings back to the South. As the Northern shore of KI is well protected against the SW swells and Southerly winds I should have a pleasant sail along the top of it to Antechamber bay. It is here I shall await the next lows appearance before making the jump once more to the East. My destination then will be Port Fairy, some 50 hours sailing away.

Stay tuned…..


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3 Responses to The Plan From Here

  1. Tim@PRSC says:

    Hi Colin,
    Great crossing by the sounds of it. You write in a captivating and racey style – I can see a book coming out of your experiences. Wendy was a good find, I doubt I could have kept up with the cooking under those conditions. Glad you changed your mind and dropped into Pt Lincoln, it is an interesting part of the world.
    Albany weather has gone from hot & humid to storm conditions and back to strong sea breezes since you left.
    My life has filled up with organising regattas, including the 2015 Freo to Albany race. There is talk of there being a cruising division in the race, any chance of you participating?
    If I was free I would be on the next bus to Pt Lincln and join you for the next leg.
    All the best.

    • freespirit52 says:

      Hi Tim, Pt Lincoln has been really interesting for sure. Its been hot here for a couple of days, mostly mild and sunny though. Bight crossing plan of going way South worked as it only took us 12 days and only 2 of those beating into it. Would love to have you crew for the next leg through KI, you would love it. No plans to return yet but had a great time at Albany due to the fantastic folks I met there. You’ll be called on to organise America’s Cup soon if you keep this up mate! Stay well!!

  2. voni says:

    the pizzaz is back, happy hopping easterly….hey, sounds like the bunny..or the easter kangaroo, cheers

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