My Secret Weapon

The by now familiar rush to get all the last minute things done is on again.

Today is the day I depart this beautiful place for another beautiful place. This time its Kangaroo Island, jewel of the South, birthplace of South Australia and snookunique as it gets.
This time though I’m going to launch my ‘secret weapon’ whilst underway. I’m referring here to my paravane trolling line for a fish they call Snook here. Other states might call it a Pike as it bears a similar resemblance. This little devil hides in weed and sandy bottoms and darts out at top speed to catch unwary bait fish who may be sauntering past. Yet to catch my first fish off Freespirit, I’m going to try to get one of these little critters on my way over to the first anchorage this afternoon. Supposed to be good eaten fresh if cleaned straight away, not so good if frozen…. ok, catch, gut, slap into the pan,eat….. got it!

With the entrails at anchor I’ll launch my second ‘secret weapon’, something the South Aussies call a ‘squid jig’. Basically little fishing expertise involved here. Load hooks, throw over side with float attached, watch for bobbing float, jerk line pull up squid. Same as with Snook…. catch, gut, pan…. etc. Ok, that’s the plan.
Stocked up on lemon, check. Frying pan ready, check…. ok watch out fish!!  =8D
In other news to had my new friend Gary here at the marina and I scraped Freespirit’s bottom the other day. Found lots of critters attaching themselves willy nilly down there. A good thrashing with my plastic spatula soon loosened them up  though and she is as clean as she can be for now. Will definitely have to haul out in either Tassy or New Zealand. Probably Tassy as I hear Kettering is a pretty nice place to do this. Plus its a lovely part of the country to explore whilst the paint is drying.
Had a loan of a DVD from a fellow yachtie that is an account of their travels to Tassy in the company of IMG_1097another 4 yachts. Great footage and good to see ahead of my own travel there. They went from here to Portland, Port Fairy, King Island then down the Western side, visiting Straun (Hells Gate, Gordon River) and Port Davey (huge inland waterway).

I’ll not be going down there but it was good to see it anyway. Another passer-by came back after a bit of chat with an offer to use his mooring in the Bay of Shoals up the Eastern end of Kangaroo Island which I’ll take him up on. This will be a good place to perch for a day or so before heading out for Port Fairy. People are so friendly and generous here.
Ok, enough malingering, time to get to work!!

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3 Responses to My Secret Weapon

  1. Grace Morris says:

    =8D, I like that. Safe travels Col.

  2. voni says:

    great score on the mooring at kangaroo island, tally ho

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