Anchors Aweigh ~ 24.01.2013 ~

Rose early to a big breakfast and start prepping to leave the Bay

Beautiful sunrise over the sand dunes as I pulled up my anchor and (motor) sailed away. The expected 10 – 15 kn NE winds handn’t gotten out of bed yet so I IMG_1107popped on the iron headsail and transitioned out to the head of the bay. Once around the corner the breeze arrived and it was wonderful. Good to be alive!
My destination today was to make Whalers Bay on Thistle Island. Not a big leg by any stretch of the imagination but the wind forecast was for light NE winds until early afternoon, then strong SW winds to 30 kn overnight.
So with this in mind I didn’t want to get to Whalers Bay too early or I would have been anchoring in front of a lee shore. Not just uncomfortable but possibly dangerous if the unexpected happened and it blew hard instead of dying.
IMG_1121No problem, I shortened sail and gauged my arrival almost perfectly as I’d only turned for shore and was about halfway there when the wind disappeared and the seas became an oily calm.
Anchored in the bay in about 3 metres with a mix of sand and weed bottom. Although I’d brought it ready to use, I didn’t deploy my Admiralty (fishermans) anchor, instead opting for the large Delta and tried to drop it into a patch of sand. I wasn’t entirely successful at this as the Delta ended up near the sand but in the weed. I was to regret not resetting it later that night when as the wind started screaming in the rigging and Freespirit started dancing on her anchor chain I spent a very anxious night, getting up frequently to check if we were dragging.
Fortunately we didn’t but when I pulled it up next morning to head off there was a massive clump of weed in the bight of the anchor. =8O
That afternoon I broke my fishing drought by jigging 2 squid. Wasn’t sure how to cook these so I texted my friend Gary back at the Pt Lincoln marina for some IMG_1117advice. He rang Penny, the wife of his friend who is an excellent seafood cook. Got the cooking instructions from her and texted them back to me. Don’t ya love technology?
Anyways using Penny’s instructions I cooked them up and they were yummy! I did find them a little more oily then those I’ve tasted elsewhere but beggars can’t be choosers so my dad used to say so I ate my first catch with a great deal of satisfaction.

I had some entrails left over which I baited a hook with and tried to catch the little bait fishes that were swimming below me and actually managed to jag one… I let it go, the poor fella looked so pitiful and pissed off I didn’t have the heart to land him. Ended up just feeding the little guys, watching them fight over bits of squid for fun.

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