Bay of Shoals ~ 27.1.2013 ~

Arose after a great nights’ sleep to a calm peaceful bay.

Freespirit in Emu Bay by Inga Schroeder.

Freespirit in Emu Bay by Ingo Schroeder.

Such a quiet and pretty place. Was tidying up on deck in preparation for the move around to Bay of Shoals when I met Inga Schroeder in his inflatable. Had a great chat and he took some photo’s, all of which appear on this page. Take a look and I think you’ll agree his photographs are just stunning. Sure wish you could come along as official photographer to Freespirit!

Pelicans in Emu Bay by Inga Schroeder.

Pelicans in Emu Bay by Ingo Schroeder.

Checked the forecast and in 4 days time there will be good winds to leave Antechamber Bay for Port Fairy. Tomorrow though was going to be quite a blow from the South so I’ll head around the corner into the Bay of Shoals for shelter. Before leaving Port Lincoln I was offered a free mooring there should I need it as anchoring in the weedy shallow inlet is problematic at best.
Almost no wind so motor sailed around the headland covering the 18 Nm in a lazy 4 hours.
Following the instructions given I couldn’t find the mooring and the area was very shallow to boot so headed over the other side toward deeper water and the place where a number of yachts were resting. Got hailed from an SS34 I was just passing.

The fellow offered me a mooring close to his boat that I could use. Gotta love the fellowship of yachties hey!

Moon in emu Bay by Inga Schroeder.

Moon in emu Bay by Ingo Schroeder.

Tied up to the mooring and John came over to introduce himself. Had a great yarn where I learned some interesting things about KI from him. As a tourist operator he knew a lot of stuff and was a delight to talk to. Naturally he pumped me for information about where I come from, where I’m headed… all the usual stuff.
After he left I tried my hand at Squid(ding) but without success, so its back to the prepared food once more for tea.

Freespirit by Inga Schroeder.

Freespirit by Ingo Schroeder.

The forecast strong winds came in next day with a vengeance and I was very happy to be in such a safe and comfortable spot. The tide rips in and out of here but on the side where we are its not too bad. My plans to replenish supplies went out the window with the foul weather moving in. Read books plan my waypoints and eating took up much of the day today. As I’m almost out of propane gas I’ll have to stop in at Kingscote tomorrow and grab some before facing the Southern Ocean once more the next day. Plan is to catch the last of the tide as it rips through Backstairs Passage and out to sea. My destination though will be Antechamber Bay. The last stop before launching myself into the SO as I point my bow towards Port Fairy. The forecast is for favourable winds from the West on the 30th followed by a more Southerly set the following day. On the first of February I should be hauling close to Port Fairy and if my speed has been good over the previous days I may actually be putting into port on that day.
Fingers crossed!!

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