Leaving Lincoln Behind ~ 23.01.2013 ~

The next leg of the journey begins with the first step.


This step, although only a little 5 Nm one from the marina to Fisherman’s Bay was enough to start the process and give me time to prepare for what was ahead.

You meet a lot of great folks in Marinas and the livin’ is easy… so the song goes. What isn’t present in a Marina is the peace and quiet of the sandy crescent beach or the beautiful clear water I was looking at now anchored in Fisherman’s Bay. Its a really pretty spot, the peace is almost deafening and I had it practically all to myself.

IMG_1104Not much luck with the fishing so far. The snook trolling line didn’t produce even one fish! Guess I’ll have to lower my expectations a little.
So, the snook had an off day… what about my cheap and cheerful squid jig?? It’s been in the water for an hour and a half and not a single movement… bugger!!

Looks like seafood is off the menu tonight and I’ll just have to settle for Red Curry Tai Chicken instead.
Ho hum…. that’s life in paradise.IMG_1105

Tomorrow I’ll head down to Whalers Bay on Thistle Island. Another short hop but a strategic one as I can shelter there from the South Westerly gale predicted to hit this area tonight.

Who knows? I might even catch a fish or jig a squid…. ha


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