Penneshaw Paradise ~ 29.01.2013 ~

Well, Kingscote turn out to be a big nothing so its on to Penneshaw.

And what a little slice of paradise it is too. Squeezed Freespirit into the tiny marina called Christmas Cove. Very shallow and well protected.

Christmas Cove at Penneshaw.

Christmas Cove at Penneshaw.

Fortunately I didn’t touch bottom (yet) and its a floating dock so easy access is a welcome sight. My thoughts on getting supplies and fillups in Kingscote quickly evaporated when I saw the condition of the dock I’d need to tie up to to get to town.

The cruising guides I had mentioned a small floating dock near town that would have been ideal. Heard later that it had been washed away by the constant battering of Easterly wind, chop and swell that Kingscote is subseptible to. A quick spirited sail across the bay to Penneshaw and I’ve got everything I need. Arrived here at midday and by 3 pm I’d filled up my fuel and water jerry cans, replaced the gas cyclinder, bought some groceries and had a long relaxing (hot) shower.

Just a short walk to town.

Just a short walk to town.

Not only that but here I sit in the tourist information building in total comfort tapping away for the outrageous cost of WiFi at $2 per hour….  love ya Penneshaw.

Will stay tonight in my snug little marina and early next morning head out to tackle the Southern Ocean once more to get to my next destination… Port Fairy.

The weather forecast looks favourable for the trip so far.. a nice mix of quarter, then beam and finally pointing as we near our destination. Wish me luck.


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6 Responses to Penneshaw Paradise ~ 29.01.2013 ~

  1. sarah hourigan says:

    Have a great sail and see you soon. 🙂

  2. Vic says:

    Hello Colin

    Can’t wait to read your blogs & hear how things are going on this awsome voyage. Your writting skills easily exite our imagination, and sometimes its like we are on board with you.
    Some of the places,people & scenery you have already experienced is testimony to a very worthwhile and positive experience for you, we are very thankful that you make time in your very tight schedule to tell us about it as you carry on your way.
    Take care skipper, from you friends in Canada. Sure miss playing music with you.

    Vic & Kristy

    • freespirit52 says:

      Can’t think of anyone I’d rather have on board with me…. even if its only virtual… than my good friends Vic and Kristy. Love you guys, miss playing music with you too… many fond memories there.

  3. voni says:

    hey, glad to hear you….you’re doing great, tally ho….all excited, temps going into the pluses tomorrow…v

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