King Island

A quite enjoyable passage was had between Port Fairy and Grassy Harbour, King Island.

Covering a distance of 147.63 Nm in a time of 32 hours and 15 minutes. After a careful study of the weather I deduced a course well South of the rhum line IMG_1249was best as the wind though NW and thus favourable when we departed was due to swing Southwards during the next 24 hours. Going South meant I may be able to negate the hard beat as the winds started coming from the South as we neared our destination.

In practice it didn’t quite work out as planned as we lost wind strength early on and thus arrived late at the point where the most Southerly changes had already taken place. We hoisted the iron mainsail and continued on around Stokes Point and subsequently into the relatively quiet and peaceful harbour of Grassy, King Island.

GrassyPanoramaPoor Sarah suffered rather a long time with seasickness and fed the fish over the side on quite a few occasions. She has since aquired some anti-seasickness medication in preparation for the next stage when it takes place.

Arriving on King Island I was once again met with friendly locals who drove us around the island to Grassy and then Currie to do some sightseeing and shopping. Included in the itinery was a visit to the very famous King Island Cheese factory. They have a retail outlet where their excellent cheeses are available for tasting and purchase and we enjoyed our short stay there, picking up some Smoked cheddar and Double Brie before leaving for Currie. In Currie we picked IMG_1286up some lunch and visited the iconic boat house “Restaurant without Food” museum. The original burned down so this building was aquired and refurbished. A real community effort to stock it with historical artifacts and local craft wares has resulted in a wonderful space that benefits both the visitor and the whole community. The harbour views are spectacular and there is comfortable seating everywhere to relax upon as you chill in the colourful and restive ambiance.

King Island is a beautiful place yet quiet and sleepy. Everywhere we were met with friendly and cheerful locals. On the island everyone waves to everyone else when driving or walking. On the street you spend a lot of time just saying hello to everyone walking by, it is the island way and very charming.

IMG_1284No so helpful or charming is the weather patterns for the coming week. Strong South Easterlies are forecast and this is  particularly nasty for my continued voyaging. Apart from being right on the nose this wind would be opposing the Westerly Swell out in the open parts of Bass Straight. Steep seas and wind on the nose is not the kind of sailing I particularly like so we decided to stick in port until a change blows in. Likely to arrive next Monday if the forecast is accurate.
There is lots to see on the island and walking tracks abound. Sarah is a seasoned walker and she headed off this morning to explore some of these tracks around Currie and beyond.IMG_1279
We have been fortunate to share the harbour with Per and Ann from Melbourne. Drinks and laughs aboard Kerina, their 47′ S&S Custom yacht has been an excellent respite from normal routines. Tonight its movie night on board Kerina so that should be a lot of fun.


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1 Response to King Island

  1. Ann says:

    Thanks to Col & Sarah for 3 days of wine, women and song!
    Actually, it was just wine, food and double entendres!
    Awesome way to wait for favourable winds.

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