Port Fairy

After a most enjoyable stay a Port Fairy I finally sailed on to King Island.

Very hard to leave as the community at Port Fairy were very welcoming and friendly and the other yachties made it even more so.IMG_1229
Made lots of new friends and played lots of music with Kevin, a musician/farmer who had just bought the wooden New Zealand built Colin Archer sloop ‘Astrid’ tied up behind me.
I met Kevin on the 3rd or 4th day after I had arrived when he and a friend were jamming on some old tunes aboard Astrid. Curiosity got the better of me and before you could say Dueling Banjos I was joining in and having a ball. Time passed quickly that day and I think we jammed for almost 10 hours straight…. sore fingers that night!

Kevin and I jamming on some old tunes.

Kevin and I jamming on some old tunes.

My brother Ron and friend Les turned up on Thursday afternoon after riding up on their bikes from Melbourne. Much catching up was done and later that day we enjoyed a meal together at the Star Hotel in town. The guys stayed overnight at the Caledonian and next morning we shared breakfast on board Freespirit before they headed off back home.

Other wonderful folk whom I met in port included James and Nicola Udy on board the large catamaran ‘Vallella’. Their circumnavigation of Australia includs the study of native sea grasses. They had some wonderful pictures and stories of the places they had visited all shared with me one night over a wonderful dinner. Their blog is at:
http://www.scienceundersail.org and I highly recommend a look it as it is a fine read and well written by Nicola.IMG_1248

Also a fine old time was had with Andrew and his motely crew who blew in during the week from Sandringham Yacht Club for a breather. Shared a nice meal and drinks with the guys before they left a day or two later.

Port Fairy is the most beautiful port in Victoria, if not Australia. Definitely worth a return visit.

As much fun as it all was, eventually it was time to go and come Friday, Sarah my new crew for the trip to Tasmania, turned up and we set sail early next morning for King Island.

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