Back on the Boat

The morning of 28th of May 2013 Freespirit was once more united with its new bonnet…. the now infamous ‘stealth dodger’.

...on the road!

…on the road!

Much joy as we removed the dodger from its temporary home back to its permanent one. It fitted perfectly of course, just dropped right back into where it came from thanks to Chris’ eye for detail and the strategically placed support brackets that were attached before it was removed. These brackets held the whole lot in shape and ensured that nothing moved out of position whilst we were laying on the fibreglass and sanding it.

... and back in place.

… and back in place.

With the dodger loaded up on Chris’ truck we headed back to the marina to fit and finally see it in place for real. Not just pieces of ply glued together anymore, she was a solid unit and soon to become a permanent fixture on Freespirit.

Some liberal application of Sicaflex and stainless steel screws provided a bedding and mechanical fastening between the dodger and the coachroof.


Coving the join.

The next day saw us carefully coving of the corners and joins in preparation for the bonding layers of fibreglass the following day.

With two layers of matting and liberal applications of resin then finally peel ply, she was done. A permanent fixture never to be separated by man or nature (we hope) and looking very much a part of the boat now.

permanently attached to the cabin top

Permanently attached to the cabin top…

Next comes the fiddly bits of sanding (groan), filling (double groan) and finally painting (joy).

When the paint is dry Chris will carefully fit the windows and new front hatch and Kettering will resound to the popping of champagne corks.

looking a part of the boat now.

… and looking a part of the boat now.

Well, that’s the plan. =8D


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12 Responses to Back on the Boat

  1. Greg says:

    I sense your relief and can’t wait to see the final result. Makes you realise how much effort goes into building an entire boat!

  2. T2 says:

    Congratulations Captain Col ! We all share you enthusiasm for this excellent project.
    ”’Just Love It When A Plan Comes Together”‘
    Clever you getting a dirty job out of the way during the dirty weather too!
    Well Done!!

    • freespirit52 says:

      Thanks mate, we have been pretty lucky so far with the weather though all bets are off for it to continue. Hoping you and Jo are both well and happy. Often in my thoughts.

  3. John & Helen Hookings says:

    Hi Colin

    Helen and I are on our way up to the Great Sandy Straits near Fraser Island to go cruising in ‘Happy Hookers”. We have 2 mnths off and should arrive in tin Can Bay on Saturday or Sunday.

    We are dragging the boat to tin Bay Bay by road, launching her and then being a boat bum. Looking forward to getting there. So we are almost like you, which we are both very envious of,

    Look forward to hearing your news each time you make a post. the new dodger looks great.

    Talk soon

    John and Helen

    • freespirit52 says:

      Hi folks! Sounds like you have a great holiday planned ahead. It is me being envious of you being in a warm sunny place, miss Q’ld. Weather here is very ordinary at the moment.
      Great to have you along for the ride, stay in touch.

  4. glenn says:

    Looks great Col should keep you a bit dryer

    • freespirit52 says:

      Thanks Glenn, I can hide in there when the green stuff comes over the side and hopefully stay drie(r) than with the leaky old canvas one. No room for the bike though.. =8|

  5. Vic & Kristy says:

    Hey bonjour ! Colin

    What a sleek look you guys have created! It blends quite nicely with the lines of the entire boat. Nice touch, a very beautiful and functional addition.


  6. freespirit52 says:

    Thanks Vic, am hoping it will prove so. Like most things it was in the preparation (design), aided and abetted by technology…..
    Great to hear from you, it must be beautiful in Canada right now?

  7. voni says:

    congrats colin and well done…hard to believe it takes so much to construct something like that. been away in newfoundland, still catching up. v

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