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Heading towards Liffey FallsWinter in Tasmania, who would of thought it could be so pretty?

Despite the cold nights and frosty mornings, a road trip to the North West revealed beautiful emerald landscapes, dramatic waterfalls and some of the cleanest, purest air on the planet.

Last weekend my friend Dini and I set off for Burnie in the states’ North West. The drizzly overcast weather on departure quickly turned into a sun dappled day as we drove through the farmlands and small villages which are a feature of this English-esque landscape.Dini on the forest walk
Before arriving at the coast Dini detoured us to Liffey Falls, a wild and beautiful series of river falls nestled amongst the snow capped mountains of the Great Western Tiers Conservation Area.

As we left the plains behind and entered the access road we slowed to negotiate the 10 klms or more of slippery, muddy roads and tight bends. After what seemed to take forever, we eventually arrived at the falls carpark and made our way down the well constructed track to view the magnificent sight of rushing water flowing through the gorge. Liffy Falls

Beautiful sub-tropical rainforest surrounded us and everywhere we looked there were mosses and fungi growing amongst moist rich soils and fallen logs.

Once more headed to our destination a fine powdery snow began to fall and coat the rugged landscape with its soft fluffy down.


Passing through rich farmlands the sea finally hove into view.

This coast was a distant haze as I made my way from King Island to Launceston last February so it was a thrill now to see it up close, bright and shining in a diamond hard blue sky.

Its not hard to imagine why many people decide to make this area their home. Dramatic landscapes and rich volcanic soils mix with emerald green fields all edged in turquoise where sea meets land. What a treasure!Wynyard waterfront

This is the area where Dini grew up and spent much of her adult life and so her local knowledge proved valuable as we toured the beauty spots that abound here the next day.

Late one night at sea on my voyage across the top of Tasmania earlier this year, I’d seen the loom of the lighthouse on Table Cape just North of Wynyard. Today I got to see it up close the only way I’d want to… .from land.

Table Cape to Wynyard looking EastPlaces I’d viewed on my nautical charts now came to life in the beautiful weather as we drove the coastal roads East from Wynyard, Burnie, Penguin and Ulverstone stopping to play tourist and take lots of photos along the way.

Looking North West toward StanleyThe roads were simply stunning and for once I was glad to be a passenger, soaking up the sights with pleasure, imagining the ride through the landscape’s many sweepers, banked corners and dramatic tableaus on my powerful machine.
Looking East toward Ulverstone

A quick family stop in Launceston and it was time to head back South to my watery home and normal life once more.

If this is what Tassy looks like in winter, I say bring on Summer…. and get yer motor runnin’….

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10 Responses to Out and about

  1. voni mann says:

    well!! there you are ! at least you didn’t get swallowed by a whale. great pics. cheers

  2. Darren turner says:

    Tassie looks real beatiful col.

  3. Vic & Kristy says:

    Well now! Life can be a bitch. I hope winter doesn’t get any harder. LOL
    Love reading your stories. Beautiful landscape photography!!
    Kristy and I have just finished touring Prince Edward Island with our car club. We felt some of the excitement and beauty in the landscape and water scenes as well. Isn’t it great to have the time to follow some of our dreams.
    We love your writing style, man you could probably write a beautiful song of your experiences.

    Take care

    Vic & Kristy

  4. Grace says:

    Hey Col,
    See if you can track this guy down. Fantastic musician.. played the Greenwood with Valdy last year: http://www.grahamwardrop.com/
    He builds his own guitars too!

  5. Kristy says:

    Thinking of you, and wondering how things are there in Tasmania, spring is just around the corner and you must be looking forward to sailing away again. hoping all is well with you. Miss your blog and pics

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