Like Sanding through an Hourglass

Still here, still sanding….. when will it ever end?

Oyster Cove looking toward Bruny Is.

Oyster Cove looking toward Bruny Is.

The answer to this question is around a fortnight from now. That is when Freespirit will stand naked and exposed, high and dry up on land and supported by legs of metal to stop her tipping over. Whilst in this foreign environment she will, weather notwithstanding, be receiving her much anticipated painting on dodger and cabin top.



I’ve decided to post a few ‘before’ pics here so that you can see what she looks like bare and sanded back, prior to her new tresses and trimmings. I’m both apprehensive and excited by the coming event. Excited to be finally up to this stage, fearful that something will go wrong.

Good sunny weather and no wind would be ideal but at this time of year a great deal of luck is involved.

Looking forward

Looking forward

Guessing the weather without a crystal ball is a highly exacting process involving a dart and a calendar. One closes ones eyes while facing the calendar and throws the dart. Its in the lap of the gods now but I’ve finally set a date for the whole process to be completed… gasp… and that begins on the first day of September, less than two weeks away now.

Comforts of home.

Comforts of home.


As if that wasn’t enough I’ve also taken on the task(s) of repainting her bottom with anti-foul after first carefully inspecting this usually hidden part of her anatomy for any nasty bits I didn’t know about before. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime I’ve weathered the winter in good health and temperament. Most of my time has been spent down below while the rain pelts down and wind howls overhead, staying warm and staying occupied. Playing guitar, trying my hand at rope work and reading up on places I’m likely to visit next year all things being equal.

Rope mat.

Rope mat.

A fine old gentleman sailor taught me how to make rope mats and here is my first attempt. Finished now, it sits at the bottom of my companionway steps, looking very nautical.

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12 Responses to Like Sanding through an Hourglass

  1. Greg says:

    That rope map looks “stunning” and so to does your clock and barometer set lit up by the oil lamp (I remember how excited you were when you brought them back from a trip to Whitworths one day). I can’t wait to see the finished job after she is painted and am looking forward to seeing some photos of Freespirit when she is out of the water.

    • Greg says:

      lol, i meant to type “mat” not map

    • freespirit52 says:

      Yeah, was like a kid at Christmas! Will take heaps of pics of the haul out, you can be sure of that. Glad you liked the map/t… might try some table place mats next project. Is fun, but it takes longer than you might think though to make one even that size.

  2. voni says:

    glad to hear you’re playing music, miss your emails. the mat is sweet. good luck with your project and the weather. cheers

    • freespirit52 says:

      Thanks for all of the above Voni, I wish you well in your fight against fraking, they want to start doing it here in Tassy too..bastards. Take care.

  3. lnblackmore says:

    Hey Col.

    Looks good mate.

    Back in the day I spent a winter up the Maribynong River fitting out my boat under tarpaulins while living aboard. No hatches, portholes, or cockpit. The wind used to whistle down the river and straight through the boat With that and river rats the size of cats it was quite an experience.

    But as one old guy said, if you don’t stop working on her, you’ll finish her, and I did.

    Keep at it mate, she’ll look beautiful once you’ve finished.


    • freespirit52 says:

      Thanks for that Larry.
      Wise words indeed about finishing her, so true.
      I’m in bloody luxury compared to your live-aboard conditions on the Maribynong. Hardest thing for me is to stay motivated and not slip back into sloth when the wind is howling outside, cold and raining too…. Freespirit is very comfortable and fills all my living needs… so happy with my choice there.

  4. Kristy & Victor says:

    Good stuff!! They say “Hard work never killed anyone” Looks like you have been doing a lot of it. The mat is great ! The Freespirit will look fabulous when it gets paint. Thanks for the pics and blog

  5. Grace says:

    Hey Col,
    I too like the mat! Always good to hear from you and when you set sail if you want to swing by Kampot I have fun friend there who would love to have a musician/boatman drop by. Assuming you don’t want to sail to NB. 😦

    • freespirit52 says:

      Hmm Cambodia is a little out of my way there! Now if it was Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu or New Caledonia… I’d take you up on that. Umm no, not sailing to NB either! 😉
      Aways great to hear from you Grace, good luck with the fight and congrats on the Lodge’s success too.

      • Grace says:

        Always great to hear your words Colin. I am grateful for the internet to allow us to keep in touch. It’s a crazy old world and it’s good to know you are doing fine. Fair winds to you.

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