Haul out and Paint!

They don’t call it a hard stand for nothing!

Sunrise on the hard

Sunrise on the hard

For the last 3 weeks its been hard yakka all the way. Sanding, sanding and more bloody sanding, yet finally its done. 🙂

Last Monday Freespirit finally made her way back into the water after 7 solid days up on the hard stand for maintenance. The major task for this event was the final painting of the dodger and cabin top.

coming out on the slings

coming out on the slings

Regular readers of this humble blog will be familiar with what has led up to this point and appreciate the feeling of finally getting some bloody paint on it. Personally I’m just glad all the sanding has finished and I can now look back and thankfully say it was all worth it.

Whilst out on the hard stand I took the opportunity to anti-foul the hull below the waterline and do some refurbishing of the tail shaft fittings.

Cam in the zone

Cam in the zone

In this I was very fortunate to have the support of friends Terry and Dini. Despite sharing the underwater paint with her hair and clothes Dini did a mighty job of sanding the cabin top prior to painting and applying the hull anti-foul, whilst Terry’s help, mechanical knowledge and tools were much appreciated during the tail shaft refurbishment.

Good friends

Good friends

My painter Cameron did a great job of the finishing work although without Chris there to support his and my efforts we may well have missed the slim weather window we were lucky enough to have during this time.

It was raining early Monday morning as Freespirit quietly slipped back into her natural environment once more. All went smoothly and without incident and upon reflection I consider myself a lucky guy to have done all we did despite the fluky and threatening weather. Now back in her pen and snugged down once more I can finally relax and catch up on a few things I’ve let slide during the frantic haul out activity. Such as this blog for instance.

All done and ready for the water

All done and ready for the water

Next on the agenda is the fabrication of the dashboard that will house the new engine instruments and of course at long last, fitting of the windows. This last part I am very keen to do as having them finally in place will signal the full completion of the dodger.

Bring it on!


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8 Responses to Haul out and Paint!

  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for the photos of Freespirit on the hard. I was trying to work out when she was last out of the water and I’m thinking it must be about 12 months siince you bought her. Wow, hasn’t a lot happened in that time. She looks nice now she is all painted and I bet you cannot wait for the weather to break and the rest of the project finished so you can take her for a sail and see if it was all worth it!!!

    • freespirit52 says:

      Right on with the timing Greg! Although she was slipped last July, Scott tells me it has been longer since she wore a new coat of anti-foul. This happened in January of 2012. Yet, despite this she was remarkably clean underneath.
      Yes, its turned cold and miserable at the moment but you are right, I’m raring to get going and get out there amongst the best cruising grounds in Australia.

  2. Kristy & Victor says:

    Looking mighty fine!! Perseverance and hard work team up, and the results are good. All is well here in Canada….at least in our little corner of it, and our fall is nearly here so you know all to well what is next. Good stuff ,Colin , glad to hear from you as always.

    • freespirit52 says:

      Yep, sure do. Summer takes a while to finally arrive here I’m told, but worth it when it does. I now have a few months to finish everything off and then do some local sailing before the big one to NZ. Always great to hear from you both.

  3. Grace says:

    Looks lovely! No easy task I’m sure.

  4. voni says:

    such patience, the kind i don’t have. good work.

  5. freespirit52 says:

    Thanks Voni, always great to hear from you.

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