Dashing Forth

Hello from the deep South!

crap weather..

crap weather..

Today is miserable, wet and foggy… last weekend was a different story altogether however.
Last Sunday my friend Dini and I rode down to the Tahune Air Walk attraction, not far from Geeveston, Souther Tasmania.

The Mighty Huon River

The Mighty Huon River

Set amongst the background of the Tahune State Forest, the Air Walk guides the visitor through the upper canopy of native forest trees culminating in a huge cantilever reaching far out over the Huon and Picton Rivers.

When you walk out to its far extremity, the whole thing moves around on its moorings… like a boat, but hundreds of feet up in the air… not for the faint of heart!!

Air Walk cantilever

Air Walk cantilever

Would recommend a visit if you are in the area… the restaurant serves a pretty nice lunch too!


This week Chris and I started work on the dashboard that is to grace the interior of Freespirit’s new dodger. It is planned to be a panel that crosses the entire interior width and will house the new instrumentation I’ve purchased to install.

Air Walkway

Air Walkway

The dashboard will also contain glovebox ‘pockets’ where sundry items of gear can be stored for immediate use.
One of the things I was not happy about with the original layout was not being able to put my hand immediately on bits and pieces of gear, (rope, winch handles, spare blocks and such) when I needed them at sea. This should be rectified by the twin gloveboxes incorporated into the new dashboard.

The design is an original one thought up one afternoon whilst Chris and I shot the breeze after working all day on the dodger construction.

Construction begins.

Construction begins.

The top curve will mimic the dodger roof curve and visually minimise the hard edged appearance of the windows and hatch therein. We are using the same template for the curve with the centre piece of the new dash being removable to enable the installation and maintenance of the instrument cluster.

Most of the materials being used were the remnants of the plywood bought for the construction of the dodger. Recycle!

Progress so far....

Progress so far….


Because of the weather, today has been a no work day however as soon as it fines up we should be able to complete the construction and then move onto the final installation of the windows…. breathe a big sigh of relief!!


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2 Responses to Dashing Forth

  1. Vic says:

    Hi Colin

    Wow! Freespirit is definitely looking good. Sure wish I was closer, it would have been fun to meet some of your friends and help out with this massive project. Thank god for the Australian winter. LOL As the spring and summer approaches the time will soon be here for you to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

    Keep up the good work
    Vic & Kristy

  2. freespirit52 says:

    Would love to have you here with me doing this too. Yes, it is a pretty big project but hopefully worth it in the end and the ‘winter’ here hasn’t been so harsh that work couldn’t be done at all. Thankfull for that. Having skilled tradesmen and good friends around to help has made it fun and entertaining.
    Guess by now its ‘chilling off’ over there in NB? Don’t miss the cold, but the kitchen party jams were lots of fun and I have many fine memories of them. They just don’t ‘get it’ over here.
    As always love to hear from you

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