Freshening Up

Notice anything different on this page? Perhaps the new image up top? Of course you did!

The really observant will have also noted the slight change in logo therin. Is this a sudden flight of fancy by one who is stuck inside his cabin whilst the rain and wind whistle overhead? A spring clean perhaps? No and no.

Marking the 'Ship'

Marking the ‘Ship’

What you see is the small changes necessary to comply with Australian Maritime Safety Authority and their official registration of ships. An obligatory requirement by officialdom if one’s craft isn’t to be subjected to a GST tax upon returning to Australia from an overseas country.  So, with a possibility of three choices for an Australian registered name for my ‘ship’ I naturally asked for Freespirit first, followed by Freespirit 52, same as my email and blog addresses. Its a little more awkward than just Freespirit if you are saying it over a scratchy radio transmission but I think I can live with that. Its individual, unusual and I like it for those reasons also. The third choice? Duzzenmadder now.

Original photo

Original photo

Changing the name and markings on my ‘ship’ also requires more stickers to be made and applied. So I got down and changed the logo to something a little simpler (sans Abatross… sorry Greg) and added my new home port of Hobart. You only get one option from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority for a Southern Tasmania home port, irrespective of where you might be located… its either Hobart or Hobart…. easy choice.

Also, if I’m changing the logo, why not freshen up the pic underneath it. This original photo was taken by John Kagi from his wooden yacht Karen on the morning of my departure from Albany WA. Thanks John, it is my most favourite photo of ‘spirit 52.

The last of the Dodger.

Some time ago I made a promise to collect and select a number of photos and write the more or less complete story of the dodger construction. Today I deliver on that promise in the form of a new page devoted entirely to that subject right here on my blog.

Wrap around sunnies.

Wrap around sunnies.

If you care to take a look up near the top of this page, just beneath the new pic and logo there is an aptly named new menu item called ‘Dodger’. Not too creative in the naming of that page I’ll admit, but its purpose is to tell the whole story, including some technical details and product used in its construction.

This I hope will be of some interest to those who have followed its path and also those folks I might never meet who are contemplating their own construction of a similar nature.

Something of a cross between a building travelogue and an instruction manual. Either way its done and put to bed and hopefully will remain a handy shorthand reference for anyone I come across who might want to know how I went about building it.

Times a wastin’ so I’ll get back to working on the ‘spirit and catch you all next time.


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4 Responses to Freshening Up

  1. vic says:

    Hi Colin

    Its all about the details and doing it right. No need for any surprises down the road. She looks mighty fine! Life is good! I can just imagine how much you are looking forward to putting the dodger in use for your next adventure. This time you will have the comfort, and added protection from the sea as you look over the horizon to your next destination. Your persistence and courage has no doubt created happiness in an achievable dream.


    • freespirit52 says:

      Hi Vic, thanks for your comment. You are so right in that I am looking forward to putting it all to good use as soon as I can. There is hardly a day goes past when I don’t think about being out there sailing toward the horizon… it’s very special.
      Miss you guys very much and love to keep in touch.

  2. Totally gutted you dumped all my hard work and originality (in tears here) 😛

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