Summer is Nigh

With just two weeks until the summer, preparations are reaching fever pitch in the Tasmanian deep South.IMG_2584

The decking paint is now complete, much of the hardware has been re-installed and I am about to wire up the instrument set installed in the new dashboard.

Am happy to report that the Maroon colour chosen has turned out well and I am very happy with it. The wiring harness has been a bit more of a challenge though.

New DashThe search for (English) instructions on connecting up the all Vetus instrument set to a non-Vetus motor has had me trolling the Internet for likely schematics and engine electrical system diagrams.

I lost a whole day just doing that this week.

Partially because there is just nothing decent out there and/or because what is there is just too convoluted to follow. All whinging aside though I did manage to cobble together enough info to at least be confident of making a start now.

The Vetus wiring harness is as dear as poison but with a bit of research I have discovered that a trailer wiring harness has 7 wires of about the same thickness and colours and will be a much neater (and cheaper) alternative. Tomorrow the real work starts as I put the whole thing together… .can’t put it off any longer!

East CoastTook time out last weekend to go and explore some more of the Tasmanian countryside. The weather was being its usual uncooperative self but Dini and I saddled up and went anyway. Sure we copped some rain on the return journey but it was minor and greatly offset by the magnificent scenery and fantastic roads that Tassy is known for.

You can see the route we took in the pic (right) which is a screen shot of an iPhone app called that I used to gather info prior to setting off. Don’t ya just love smartphones!

This short tour of the East Coast takes about 4 hours and is a good mix of roads and scenery. Long sweepers, lots of twisties and postcard views make it an ideal ride for the day. There is plenty of opportunities also to just stop and mix it with the friendly locals along the way, be it in the pubs, cafe’s or servos.

Swansea seaside.

Swansea seaside.

As we set off from Hobart, very light traffic and mostly dry roads let us carve our path through bright green hills on our way North to Campbell town where we fuelled up and had some lunch.

Thus replenished, we took the road to Swansea and the coast. This road winds its path through the hilly hinterland, providing long smooth sweepers and a few tight bits all enjoyed by rider and pillion and before long we had the sea at our feet once more. Some coffee and snacks in Swansea in perfect sunshine, then its off to Orford, via Triabunna for the return to Hobart.

All was going very well until a few k’s out from Triabunna where we got our first really good taste of the wet stuff. Didn’t pour down, but there was enough to make the road more slippery than was comfortable and so we slowed down and took in more of the fantastic scenery flowing by (a little more slowly now).

A very honourable mention should go to the stretch from Orford back to Richmond. Here the smooth blacktop winds its way along the Prosser river basin slowly climbing into the foothills. It is just one postcard scene after another, all connected by long sweepers and lush countryside. Great roads, great eye candy and a really nice day out for us both.

Miss WA roads? Not one bit!

Ok! back to work!!!


Tassy Heaven

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4 Responses to Summer is Nigh

  1. I absolutely adore your dashboard and those instruments look very “posh”. I am guessing those holes are for some speakers maybe? So, when do we get to see the “whole” thing?

    • freespirit52 says:

      Patience my friend… the procrastination stops today! Yes, the holes are for a pair of waterproof speakers that will go in today (or tomorrow) too. Should have some pics of the ‘whole thing’ complete next post. =8D

  2. lnblackmore says:

    Hi Col.

    Sounds like things are progressing well. Your boat must look fantastic.

    Do you have a departure date in mind?

    Keep at it mate.


    • freespirit52 says:

      Cheers Larry, yes mate its all coming together now and I’m quite chuffed at how she has come up. Just between you, me and the Internet… am looking at a late Feb ’14 departure. This’ll give me time to shakedown the changes and sail the East coast a bit first.
      Love to you and Norma

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