No rest for the wicked

… and not for me either!IMG_2610

With my deadline looming ever closer the stops are being pulled to meet it, hopefully ahead of time. As I saw in a forum post somewhere the words boatwork and easy should never be in the same sentence… can tell you from experience how true that is.


Despite the above I’ve managed to turn my humble floating home into a workshop of sorts. For a workbench I turned my engine room door into a removable item and made up some supports to mount it over the Port settee. This gives me about 6 feet of useable bench space to lay out and cut up projects on.

Used in conjunction with my 1/2 ton industrial sewing machine I at least have the basis for sail repairs/alterations and as much canvas work as I want to take on. When the work is done I just mount the door back on its hinges, pack away the sewing machine and the space reverts back to being a saloon.IMG_2649

So far I’ve made a couple of hatch covers and covered my new dashboard top and its all worked pretty well. The biggest projects though are still to come. A sunshade cover for the cockpit area, a new sail/boom cover and some serious work on a sail I’ll need for the Tasman and beyond. Always more!!

IMG_2640Speaking of dashboard, I finally got a break in the weather and used it to solder up all the connections I’d been making down at the engine the week before. When the moment of truth came I turned the key and voila! the engine started instantly and the dials came alive. Very satisfying I must say. If you look at the pic up close (click on it) you can see the tacho reading 1200 rpms and the sailing instruments working. Yes, there is only .2 metres under the keel!

Since then I’ve covered the top with a marine vinyl and sealed up the edges where the dashboard meets the deck. In the words of my friend Greg… looking posh!

Till next time!

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4 Responses to No rest for the wicked

  1. Not just posh but “relatively regal”, that dashboard wouldn’t look out of place in a Bentley. I loved reading this post. The door being used as a table top is a fantastic idea and certainly gives you a great area to work on. Loved the hatch cover and the fact that you made it so you can open and close without needing to remove first (very innovative). The Guinness caught my eye and takes me back to last summer and our wonderful chats. 200mm under the keel is pretty bizarre, what happens when the tide goes out?!?

    • freespirit52 says:

      Thanks mate, thought you might like the Guinness pic, good times eh!
      Fortunately the tide was out.. although I’m starting to wonder if the depth sounder wouldn’t benefit from some calibration!

  2. Great stuff Col, always enjoy your posts. Was saying to Daniel yesterday how amazing it is that you made this dream a reality ! Admire your work. All the best for the crossing Robert

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