By Request

Many thanks to friends who have requested more pictures of the renovation work done to Freespirit over the preceding Winter and Spring.

No time better than the present to bring to you in this post what has happened over this time in its finished state. It’s kind of funny that whilst the renovations are underway lots of pics get taken to show progress, yet, with the tools put away and moving on to other projects little in the way of finished photography happens. Hopefully we have put this to rights with this post.

Cool StuffIMG_5364

Ok, let’s start with the fridge. Ditching the chart table was a no brainer when looking for a better place to put our fridge. Its now at the same height as the opposing galley bench top and nothing has to be moved before access to its frozen goodness can occur. This will resonate I’m sure with other live-aboards who frequently have to re-arrange their galley preparation bits and pieces to get an ingredient from the chest fridge.  Painted up and a placement shelf over the cooling vents (to keep stuff from falling in there and a spot to put things as you take them out) it has found its place nicely. With the addition of a gas strut to hold the top open and a conveniently placed light, it’s a pleasure to use.

IMG_5392Whilst still in the galley, this it what became of the old cool box beneath the galley bench top.





Yes, the chocolate brownies looked great, hope we get some visitors soon so I can get to eat some!













As detailed in a previous post I had to cut a hole in the engine room wall to allow access to both sides of the new island bed. Thus, the old engine room now became a passage way and ripe for an overhaul. Both sides and the floor came under the scrutiny of the space hunter and were shaped to address this area’s new role.

All Australian Boys Need A ShedIMG_5389

IMG_5368Here is my shed. With lots of tools and limited places to put them it was paramount I used every bit of space available and that included the curvature of the hull.







The flip-up door houses 6 Bunnings storage boxes cut to length to follow the hull curve.

They contain individually fibreglass repair kits, soldering stuff, rolls of sticky tape, tool rolls etc.








Open the big door and you can see it has been broken up into use-specific areas.

Big heavy tools are mounted on the door itself for quick access when required, (like perhaps bolt cutters, saws and clamps).







The pull out shadow boards hold most of the hand tools whilst the 4 see through sorting boxes do a nice job of separating screws, nuts and bolts, electrical bits and a generally-useful-though-unspecific bits and pieces one.





The two varnished drawers are survivors of the now nonexistent chart table. They hold sailing specific hardware like shackles and clips, cleats and cars.







Beneath the Main door is where I store power tools. This area had the most depth and was suitable to take the extra dimensions of power tool boxes. The shelf they sit on is set back from the hinged-down door and the awkward area below became a good place to stow sikaflex tubes and lots of rags (see how those two go together!).








The floor was next to come under scrutiny and after attacking it with a saw a new raised structure was made to match the height of the aft cabin floor.IMG_5388








Beneath this removable area is the painting bits and pieces locker that holds a lot more than first appears.

Islands In The Sun

When it comes to a comfortable nights sleep I reckon there should be no compromise and to this end only an island bed was going to fit the bill.

A long time in the planning; longer in the making and its a good nights rest is the result. I won’t go over the minute details again as this has been covered in other posts. Instead, I took some fresh photos this morning of how it looks now.

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IMG_5333 IMG_5335 IMG_5336 IMG_5339 IMG_5341 IMG_5342 IMG_5355


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7 Responses to By Request

  1. Greg says:

    Miraculous Makeover! I’m more than impressed. Looks like a new boat!

  2. Jamie Colpitts says:

    Fantastic !! You no doubt have given Victor Leger some food for thought with his “Teardrop Trailer” Cheers …. Love your blogs…..Jamie

  3. Vic Leger says:

    You never cease to amaze me. Wow, great work. I remember when you and I did some carpenter projects when you were in Canada. You are a very fast learner.
    Beautiful wood and great attention to detail . Your creative juices are certainly working.
    Thanks for sharing, your friends always, Vic & Kristy

  4. voni says:

    i have to say i’m inspired by how you’ve managed to use every inch of space. if you can do that within one hull then i can do it in my little apartment. well done..i’m off to reorganize.

  5. Sonja says:

    Some fabulous ideas here Col and Dini. Well done xx

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