Au Revoir

IMG_5407Cast off the mooring lines just before midday and headed out into the Derwent River just 3 years and 3 days after arriving at the beautiful apple isle.

After much preparation and frustration over the long period of changes and upgrades, we are at last on the move.

IMG_5408First stop at Bruny Island to take our breath and relax. We as sailors are always at the mercy of the weather and so to this end we need to wait for the right time to cross Bass Strait and continue our journey up the Eastern Coast of Australia. This is also a time to take stock and ensure that all systems are as we hope, in full working order. Already a problem has come to light in that our 4G Pocket WiFi modem has stopped working. This little device we have hopes of using to connect to the world whilst still a way out to sea and away from line-of-sight towers.To this end we have invested in an antenna to extend its range and make this possible. However, first time to be using it in a marginal area and its not working.IMG_5412
So, after a very pleasant night spent in beautiful isolation we needed to up anchor and move into the next more populated bay to hang off the phone and sort this problem out with Telstra. As anyone who has had to talk to a real person at Telstra knows, this can take an eternity and requires the patience of Jobe. After going through the routines of rebooting and retrying suggested fixes it was finally declared dead and needed to go to Telco Hospital for a complete checkup. Very inconvenient but if we want connection in far away places this is what we must do, suck it up and get on with it.
Day wasn’t a complete loss though, Dini caught lots of fish and right now as I type i can smell the delicious aromas of their cooking on the stove. Life is good. Quarantine Bay put on a beautiful light show as the sun went down on a pretty good first day out in the wild.
Tomorrow we hope to move back to the quiet secluded little bay where we visited the first night and reconnect with the solitude once more.
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6 Responses to Au Revoir

  1. Sonja says:

    Congratulations. Exciting times! Hope to see you along the way. Wishing you fair winds and following seas
    Sonja and Scott

    • freespirit52 says:

      Cheers!! Its great to finally uncleat the docklines and be back in nature again. Both of us loving every minute.
      Looking forward to seeing you both in the coming months.

  2. Jason Stock says:

    Smooth sailing. Sounds like your well prepared for a great adventure. Enjoy!

  3. Rosie & Tony says:

    Happy Sailing to you both…wish we could have shared more music Col…ah well… maybe in the Whitsundays. We leave Tassie 17th April…be up in Airlie early May…lets keep in touch.
    xx Rosie & Tony

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