Well, here we are in NSW….

  As the folk tune ‘Lime Juice Tub’, sprung from Australia’s early colonisation and pastrol obsession continues …. shearing sheep as big as whales, with leather necks and daggy tails, fleece as tough as rusty nails…. This tune got into my head as we closed the NSW coastline yesterday and wouldn’t leave. Don’t you hate that?

Not a sheep in sight now however as we peacefully rest at anchor in East Boyd Bay, Eden. Plently of white horses at sea this afternoon though as a South Coast low imposes itself upon the region.  

 Last evening around 8.30pm we anchored here, finalising our hop across the ‘ditch’ (Bass Strait) from Tasmania.  Three days and two nights, rolly and with little wind meant motorsailing the whole time. My newly christened crew ‘enjoying’ her first open sea voyage and night sailing experience with some mixed feelings. 

Note from Dini:

A raft of new experiences for me – sailing on the open sea; standing night watch and being in control of the boat without Col’s watchful and very experienced gaze; making a meal in the galley whilst all the ingredients are trying to leave; learning what a lee cloth is for, and the view from the cabin sole when you don’t do it up quickly enough; anchoring at night in an unfamiliar location. Some wonderful sights along the way including phosphorescence in the wake, and pods of dolphins playing in the bow wave. 

Along the way we thought to try trolling and less than an hour later Dini landed our first catch, a 10 pound Bonito. As she hauled it out of the sea into the cockpit it freed itself from the hook whereapon it landed and exploded into frenzied activity. 

Off watch and asleep below I awoke to the thrashing sound in alarm …. thinking perhaps our prop had thrown a blade or something worse. Instead the hilarious sight of this struggling fish with Dini gamely trying to hold it down and stop its bloodied, scaly way down below greeted me. Too funny. 

 We will relax now and enjoy what Eden has to offer then take a short hop up the coast to Bermagui. 



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4 Responses to Well, here we are in NSW….

  1. Dave&Bron says:

    Col & Dini, Fantastic news! Glad you are safe and warm in NSW. It didn’t seem to take all that long! Dini, you need to dive on the fish. No news re house sales here. Rats! See you in Queensland.

    • freespirit52 says:

      Thanks Dave & Bron. Three days/two nights is about average though the wind deserted us. Sorry to hear not a lot of interest in house atm. Have passed your fishing advice on to Dini 😄.

  2. Greg says:

    Fantastic. Will done Dini. Great start to your adventures. Be good to see some video aswell.
    Rgds Greg

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