Shore Time

Our second day in paradise was celebrated with home baked bread, cleaning weed off the prop and a little shore time. Don’t mention the fishing!

Awoke this morning feeling a little ‘off’ so cancelled the walk to Boyds Tower and just chilled instead.  Coming past Green Cape late Tuesday it sounded like we had picked up some weed in the prop. Managed to clear most of it at the time through reversing but when I checked this morning there was still some clinging on.  

 Out with the ‘secret weapon’ … a branch trimmer attached to a boat hook! Cleaned the weed off without leaving the dinghy but in the process of getting body fully back on board I managed to lose ‘the weapon’ and in deep distress watched it sink slowly to the sea bed. Worse, it seemed to be drifting away slowly from the boat. 


To complicate matters, Dini had just performed the second rising on two loaves of bread and they had to be put in the oven immediately!! I waited in the dinghy while this was being done with a sinking feeling I had seen the last of my first time ever used hybrid.  The water was about 5 metres deep  here but fairly clear so when Dini returned I slipped on the fins and snorkle and scouted round. 

  Sure enough it was still lying there on the sea bed!  Freespirit had swung on her anchor away from where I had dropped the pole, giving the impression it had drifted away. A quick dive and the secret weapon was secured to be deployed another day. 😄 

To celebrate this fortunate turn of events we tucked into fresh baked bread and butter then took to the oars and rowed ashore to some spectacular beach scenes.  
 Just another day in paradise! Did I mention the water was warm and clean with great resolution? There also were hundreds of Yellowtail fingerlings hiding in the boat shadow that didn’t seem at all perturbed by my presence, such a beautiful place.  

 Tomorrow we hit the town and stock up on some necessities and as well as beer, we might get some food too!!


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2 Responses to Shore Time

  1. Greg says:

    The fun never stops Eh! How much flour have you brought with you, you seem to have fresh bread every day?

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