Post Eden

  After a wild night of gusts in Twofold bay the Freespirits finally departed Eden for Bermagui. Despite the sometime dangerous and damaging Eden wharf, we enjoyed our experience at Eden in particularly the peace and quiet of East Boyd Bay. 

 A highlight of our stay was the visit by two dear friends of long standing John and Jo. 

  A delightful day spent eating fresh prawns bought off the boat that morning, drinking wine and lots of laughter will stay with us. 


Leaving Eden for Bermagui with the winds light to almost nothing at all, we eventually gave up on trying to sail and once more employed the iron mainsail.  We made good time and arrived in the early afternoon to a warm and friendly greeting from the locals.  

 Shortly after we were joined in the raft-up alongside the fishermans co-op wharf by Melbourne yacht Mustang Sally. We shared a drink with its crew Mark and Dianne in a ‘sundowner’ overlooking the small but very picturesque Bermagui harbour. Delightful. Tomorrow we go and explore our new surroundings.  



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2 Responses to Post Eden

  1. Dave Meikle says:

    Col & Dini, Sounds and looks fantastic. Slightly envious!!!! See you in Queensland.

    • freespirit52 says:

      Hi Dave & Bron, it’s tough but someone has to do it! Eden has more than a few vestiges of Burnie “culture” which the adjacent woodchip pile confirms. On the other hand… Bermagui is a notch up on Eden, and coffee is a recognised food group here. Stay tuned ( you’re always tuned😄)

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