Bermagui Bonza

IMG_5588What a jewel we discovered stopping by at Bermagui. The people here are warm and friendly and the facilities are good, (though you may need to raft up to get a berth). But that is not all…. the whole layout of the bay/headland fits with the town and everywhere the environment is clean and well kept.IMG_5596

Quality of life seems to be a focus here with some brilliant coffee houses and fresh baked breads available daily. We found a small hole in the wall kind of place called Mr Jones that is simple, unpretentious and serves the most wonderful coffee ever tasted. Dini cannot believe her luck and has made the most of it.IMG_5619


We have once more been blessed with meeting some wonderful people, waking to perfectly still harbour scenes and the best of all…. the daily temp stays in the mid twenties and calm.IMG_5597

As we have walked all over the place and taken loads of photos, I’ll make this blog a pictorial tour. We are planning on sailing from here early Tuesday morning for further up the coast, hoping for fair winds, low swell and clear skies.

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