And So To Sydney town…

  We made the short hop from Port Hacking to Sydney Harbour in just a few hours. Delightful sailing most of the way accompanied by spectacular views of Beachside suburbia. 


 As luck would have it the wind sprung up and veered to the South just as we approached the heads, allowing us to enter this magnificent harbour under sail power alone. What a feeling!

2005 saw Freespirit leave this very Harbour under the ownership of Bruce Fenney. She was called Isa Lei back then and Bruce was set on a circumnavigation of Australia in her. 

By 2008 she had gotten as far as Carnarvon WA and sold shortly after to two brothers from Perth. They brought her down the coast to Perth where shortly after she was sold yet again, this time to Scott and Sonja Flemming. These wonderful folks sailed her regularly over a three year period before deciding a larger craft was needed and so put her once more on the market. 

That’s when I came along in 2012 and bought her. Now, some 4 years and 7000+ nautical miles later I finally got to complete that circumnavigation by sailing her into Sydney Harbour. Dini and I toasted the occassion with champagne and a speech before getting down to the other important stuff – like dodging ferries and gawking at the amazing harbour scenery.  

 Like thousands of others we have travelled, stayed and/or worked in Sydney. None of that prepares one for the incredible sensation of being in Sydney on the water. 

After passing under the bridge then travelling along large waterways for a time (dodging ferries!), we finally dropped anchor at Birkenhead to top up our supplies and visit a chandlery for boat stuff.
Later that afternoon we motored back to town and came to rest in Blackwattle Bay, a fascinating place right on the CBD’s doorstep where we currently reside. The view is stunning!






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